Keep Britain Growing aims to inspire gardeners and gardening enthusiasts by signposting them to helpful content and articles from around the web.
​The health and wellbeing benefits of gardening can be enjoyed by everyone; Keep Britain Growing aims to enable people to improve the environment around them, encourage wildlife, help to support British growers and the garden industry, and above all, to have fun outdoors!
Gardening can be enjoyed throughout the year – and the content on these pages will give you help and advice on how to add interest and colour to your garden and outdoor spaces all year round!
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Million Planting Moments

We're encouraging the nation to get planting this Autumn to highlight the huge contribution plants make to our health and wellbeing, the environment and our communities.

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This is the month when foliage often takes centre stage as many trees, shrubs, climbers, and herbaceous plants take on phenomenal autumn colours as their leaves turn just about every imaginable shade of red, orange, crimson, yellow and gold. Combine this with some classic autumn flowers such as coneflowers, Michaelmas daisies, ice-plants, nerines and chrysanthemums and your garden can become a riot of colour. So what if you may need a jumper, there’s plenty to make your garden a very appealing place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and you can be sure the décor is more attractive than in a tea-shop! Then continue to take advantage of great planting conditions!

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Winter may be just around the corner, but there is still a lot to enjoy in your garden as there should still be some good autumn foliage colour and brightly coloured berries not to mention autumn flowers. As your garden inches towards its slower-moving, wintry state don’t forget that you can still keep planting on all but wet soils and so ensure that there are more and more plants to enjoy for years to come. Fallen leaves may need raking, late weeds may need hoeing off or pulling out and faded foliage may need removing too, but there really is nothing like fresh air and gardening to lift your spirits!

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Choose a beautiful, bright, crisp December day to do some gardening and you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve and how good it makes you feel. As long as the soil is not too wet, it is a great time to do heavier gardening jobs like digging and maybe even building a garden arch or arbour and you can often get a lot more done without the sun beating down. You’ll be surprised by how refreshing even a shortish burst of gardening can be , especially at a time of year when you might otherwise have been flopped out indoors!

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Dobbies - Keep Britain Growing Podcast

Louise Midgley welcomes Pippa Greenwood from the HTA to talk about their #KeepBritainGrowing campaign. They explore why gardening is good for us and our local communities.

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