“A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace to the soul.” Sadi

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Summer veg crops may start to slow down markedly by now, some will have finished cropping entirely and as nights become a little cooler, prepare to keep them snug using cloches or fleece, that way you can keep them going a little longer. Now get some overwintering veg planted too!

Patios & Pots

Neaten up flagging summer containers of annuals by removing faded foliage and flowers and prepare to re-plant them soon. If they’re too far gone, replant now so that you can enjoy new colour and interest right through until next spring.


By September, the drier, dustier summer months have often left houseplants looking like they need a wash! Wiping non-hairy leaves with tepid water or leaf-wipes clear dust and debris and lets more light through, something the plant will need as light levels start to drop.

Beds & Borders

By September summer borders tend to look rather sorry for themselves, so including some more autumn flowering plants is essential. Keep up appearance by regular removal of faded foliage and flowers and start planting bulbs for spring interest too.

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

September is often seen as the start of autumn, the best season for planting almost everything, including most trees, shrubs and climbers. So, start looking out for new plants that you’d like to add to your garden over the coming months.

Lawns, Ponds & Water Features

Lawns hit badly by dry summer weather may start to recover now it is cooler, and those which are unscathed will benefit from some autumn lawn care. Pond plantings need to be tidied up so foliage doesn’t flop into the water and rot.

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