“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” Janet Kilburn Phillips

Grow Your Own

In July, your GYO plot, however large or small, should be producing plenty of delicious fruit and veg, remember, the more you pick the more you get! You’ll need to keep feeding, watering and weeding to get even more in the next few weeks.

Patios & Pots

In July, planted pots often look their best, but regular feeding, watering and removing faded flowers (dead-heading) promptly are key to keeping them looking great for the rest of the season. They’re decorating your patio, so make the most of alfresco dining.

House Plants

In July, many houseplants grow rapidly, enjoying the warmer, brighter conditions more similar to their natural surroundings, but excessive bright light and heat can cause some to suffer so check their individual requirements and move them further from windows if necessary.

Beds & Borders

In July, flower beds and borders should be looking stunning, but sometimes need a bit of help – add extra plants if needed, provide some support if plants have flopped and continue to remove faded flowers. A little TLC now keeps things going for longer.

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

With many in flower this month, trees, shrubs and climbers can bring real impact and sometimes welcome shade too! Some may need pruning with good, sharp secateurs but always check what’s needed before you get snipping.

Lawns, Ponds & Water Features

Lawns are an essential part of a garden in July, a foil for nearby plants and lovely to sit on too, but if dry weather turns them brown, don’t panic, they invariably re-green later in the year. Lush plantings around ponds look lovely and attract wildlife at this time of year too.