“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn

Grow Your Own

If you keep everything well fed, mulched and watered, this should be another bumper-harvest month. If you’re going on holiday, why not encourage friends or neighbours to enjoy some of the crops in return for looking after your garden?

Patios & Pots

August can bring a jaded look to pots and planters so be ready to dead-head, feed and water as often as is needed. If holidays mean you’ll not be about, arrange for a friend to look after them and temporarily group the pots together in a cooler part of the garden.


An increase in heat and light levels in August mean some houseplants may benefit from being moved onto places with far less direct impact from the sun but check individual requirements. New growth on climbers may need tying in or supporting too.

Beds & Borders

By August beds and borders can lose their impact, so turn them around by adding some late summer and autumn flowering plants. Combine this with prompt removal of faded flowers and an occasional feed and you’ll be well rewarded!

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

Regular watering may be needed for anything planted within the last 18 months, a really big, thorough drenching, a bucket not a light sprinkling is the answer as that the water reaches deep down to the roots. Well established plants need less regular attention.

Lawns, Ponds & Water Features

Lawns need regular mowing but if conditions are very dry, let the grass grow a little longer & remember it will recover even if it goes brown! Ponds & water features continue to look great and attract thirsty wildlife too.